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We build Mobile Applications for all devices and operating systems.

We help businesses plan, define and manage their mobile presence, providing design and development services as intelligent mobile app solutions.

We deliver iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and HTML5 apps that embrace the power of mobile.

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mobile app development
Mobile Apps

We develop apps that won't get you swiping right

Boost your business with an iPhone or Android Application

Do you have an idea for an application or game? Whether you’re looking to use an app as a promotional tool for your brand or just want to get your business on mobile with our mobile app development services, we have a dedicated team of app developers here at go6 media ready to help. Tell us your idea!

Mobile App Development

Apps to keep your customers happy

As a trusted app development agency, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and user experience.

With a customer-centric approach, our app development team build apps that resonate well with your audience and improve the overall user experience tremendously.

We adopt a transparent mobile app development process to keep your business goals the priority and provide solutions that stand the test of time.

Enterprise systems? No problem

We have experience delivering large-scale technical mobile solutions for a number of consumer and enterprise clients.
We understand the complexities of integrating with back-end systems and have the in-house skills and experience to deliver your specific mobile development requirements.

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We deliver quality cross platform mobile applications
We bring big ideas and innovation to your business
We are rated 5★ online with a great reputation for quality
Our app development skillset is all you need
go6 are fun to work with

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Our mobile app development services

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What apps do we build?







Health & Fitness

GPS / Navigation

Mobile app development stratgey


From concept to creation

We provide a full 360° service for all your mobile application needs. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish and beyond so you get the most out of your investment.


Wireframing helps bring your idea to life

We cover the full app development cycle from planning and design to delivery starting with the wireframing process to help you visualise your app idea. Using our app development tools,  we plan each screen and interactivity you can see how your app works before its built.


Backend & server-side operations

The Backend or server side of your mobile application is responsible for securing, storing and processing the data as well as ensuring your app keeps running without a hitch, we will ensure to choose the right technology for serving this purpose optimally.

Without efficient backend development, your mobile app may deliver unstable and dysfunctional performance. Good development is the backbone of your application which its vital we choose the most suitable programming language or technology stack tp build your app.

Frequently asked app development questions

App development costs vary depending on your idea and what type of app you need. A typical app including all design and build could range from £5,000 upwards.

Based on our past app projects’ experience, we estimate the development of an iPhone or Android app to be between 2-5 calendar months. Whilst we can technically get the job done quicker, we factor in deliberation and testing time which is essential in the app development process.

Yes, we do. We can publish your app under our company name as the developer or you can acquire your own app store licence entitling you to have apps published under your own business. We will assist with this whole process and outline any costs involved.

We work with small to medium-size businesses, large corporations and even start-up companies. Our Mobile App Development Agency operates in London and Surrey predominantly however we have clients from all over the globe. We work collaboratively as a remote team meaning we are open to serving companies from any location.

We can build any type of mobile application. This may be GPS/Location service application, database-driven application or social networking application. We also design and build games and multi player applications which may need In-App purchasing and games centre integration.

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