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go6 media craft brands, corporate identities and logo designs that get your business noticed.

We work with you to create a brand identity that your business can be proud of. We also provide accompanying collateral and guidelines that effectively communicate your brand to your target audience.

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Logo Design
Logo Design

We build memorable brands that grab your customers attention


Hire us to create a strong visual identity for your business

Nothing screams brand awareness more than an original, clever and imaginative logo design or corporate identity. Your brand is much more than just the logo design, your brand is a voice or tone, a way of behaving, your attitude and how your business talks to its customers. We obsess over simple and clever details by understanding your needs to deliver a lasting emotional impact to your target audience.


Colours, shapes, typography; all combined for maximum visual impact

Your brand needs to be unique to you and appealing yet recognisable to everyone else. To achieve this we can rebrand your business or we can build you a fresh brand from scratch. Our design services are driven by your brand positioning and values. We create your logo, brand assets, fonts, colours, tone of voice, imagery and everything else in between. Additionally, we produce clear and easy to use brand guideline documentation on how to use and apply your new brand in a consistent fashion, no matter what the platform or medium.

Standing out

Stay one step ahead of the competition...

Being recognised and standing out is a challenge for many B2B brands. Without a strong identity, your marketing efforts and thought leadership credentials could be in vain. We create a strong visual platform for your brand, define how it should be uniquely presented and consistently apply it across all marketing collateral. Brand design assets vary massively and while the possibilities are endless and canvas always changing, your brand visual presence will always shine.

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We build amazing brands & logos
We bring innovation & added value to your business
We have a 5★ reputation for quality logo design & repeat business
We have never missed a deadline
We are fun to work with

Let's build your brand together

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Frequently asked branding questions

Our branding process usually requires the involvement of key decision makers in your team. Unlike most branding agencies, we don’t disappear for weeks on end just to return with unexpected results because there is no guarantee whether it will be a pleasant or unpleasant surprise for you the client. We make our design decisions transparent at each stage, why we do it, and how the choices will affect the next steps and the end product as a whole.

Our approach is simple. We start with understanding your requirements and consider ourselves as a part of your business to work collaboratively in producing examples and designs to fit with everyone’s way of thinking.

Based on our past branding projects’ experience, we estimate the development of a very basic visual identity version in about 1-3 calendar months. We can technically get the job done quicker, but deliberation time is essential in the branding process.

We don’t limit the number of concepts that each client can choose from compared to other digital agencies. Therefore, we research and present a variety of different options so we can find the best one to fit your business.

go6 media are also UI/UX design agency, a web design agency, app development company and can help with marketing and Search Engine Optimisation for your business.

We work with small to medium-size businesses as well as large corporations or even start up companies. Our branding agency operates in London and Surrey predominantly however we have clients around the globe. We work collaboratively as a remote team as such our branding agency is open to helping companies from any location.

We have a dedicated project management platform used for client communications. We use this to share our branding ideas and designs with you for feedback. We also jumo on regular Zoom calls to explore progress and understand that transparent communication through the project is far more important than the tools we use to communicate.

We recommend having bi-weekly catch ups to discuss the process, open questions, or any other topics. However, we prefer to present results and updates asynchronously as it saves a lot of time for both sides.

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